Concession Stand Nachos Premium PD Recipe


Boring diet food is the number one reason people struggle to lose weight and often stop short of reaching their goals. I am an excitement seeker who became twice my size because I sought fun and excitement at every meal. I have mindlessly maintained my slimmest self for years while enjoying unforgettable meals with Protective Diet. I focus on making meals exciting following a low fat, oil and sugar free, plant-based Protective Diet. Before I understood food’s connection to real health and vitality I used unhealthy, processed, high fat foods in indulgent dinners as my daily “reward.” Trying to suppress the desire for exciting meals is impossible long term and leaves us feeling deprived and miserable. Everyone I meet who struggles with excess body fat enjoys eating great food as much as I do. A dull diet is just not sustainable for most people. Thrilling weight loss and the healthy outcome of dietary diligence are not enough to keep one eating boring diet plates in a world focused on indulgent food. On a Protective Diet we prepare slimmed-down, innovative recipes that satisfy fun food memories without sabotaging our health and fitness goals. Concession Stand Nachos are a family-friendly fast meal that makes eating protectively joyously sustainable.

Classic Concession Stand Ingredients:

Optional Deluxe Protective Additions:

Veg-It_Up Suggestions:


  1. Enjoy Class #343, read all Directions, and Notes
  2. Make, bake, or air fry tortilla chips
  3. Blend cheeze sauce with the addition of suggested jalapeno brine and/or a toasted arbol chile in a high-speed blender until warm and smooth
  4. Layer chips on a plate or platter and pour on warm cheese sauce directly from the blender
  5. Garnish with hot or mild pickled jalapenos

Notes & Pro Tips:

  • Mild pickled jalapenos have the hot seeds removed
  • For fast nachos air fry or bake purchased fresh corn tortillas (ingredients: corn, lime, and water)
  • Freezing corn tortillas and air frying them makes them flakier
  • 45-Second Corn Tortillas that are air fried are my favorite in this recipe
  • 45-Second Corn Tortillas are the organic non-GMO whole grain option for this recipe
  • Jerry and I are fast at making 45-Second Tortillas because we’ve been making them once a week since 2018
  • It is a fun activity we call the J & J Tortilla Factory
  • Jerry measures and mills organic blue dent corn while I set up the tortilla press, boil the water, and preheat the comal

Serving Suggestions:

  • Start with familiar classic concession stand ingredients
  • When you are ready for more toppings and to veg-it-up, layer them high—the options are endless
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