Get Fit Before You Turn 40

Get Fit Before You Turn 40

Those getting close to turning 40, know that feeling of looking in the mirror, analyzing how you are feeling and thinking, even telling yourself “Get Fit Before You Turn 40”  There is something powerful about that period of time in our lives and it gave Cisco the initial WHY to start his journey and set a BIG GOAL before his 4oth birthday.

Get Fit Before 40
I will let the pictures and his story tell itself but the man absolutely crushed it losing over 40lbs of fat in a little over 13 weeks, doing it all online with me personally through The Lose Weight Feel Great Hitch Fit Plan.

Super proud of your hard work and dedication during this transformation.  Thank you for trusting me!!

Cisco’s Results

Day 1- 183lbs, 37″ stomach, 30% body fat (body scan scale)

13+ weeks later- 142.4 lbs, 30″ stomach, 10.2% body fat

That’s Over 40lbs of fat loss, 7″ off his stomach and nearly 20% body fat loss (approx.)

Male Fit Body

Cisco’s Story

I was going through an extremely rough year and had put on about 40 lbs of weight due to diet and alcohol.  At the time I was depressed from a relationship that had just ended and stuck in a rut with trying to get up the energy to go back to the gym.  It was around August this year that I realized that I had less than 4 months before I turned 40!  Did I really want to start the next decade of my life like this?  I needed a change.

Fortunately, Micah works out at the gym I work at part time so I asked him how he could help me.  Let me just say I do not regret getting up the courage to talk to him.  He made the entire process of losing weight and getting fit again such an easy process!

Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat


For some background, I had a bone disease growing up that makes it difficult to perform some lifts and I’ve always struggled with proper diet.  Micah not only spelled out my entire nutrition guidelines but was available to answer any questions about any food that I wanted to substitute.  He also helped me tailor my lifts to accommodate for my prior surgeries.

Not going to lie, the first month is tough as you get adjusted to your new habits and diet but, after that, you are HOOKED!  You feel as though you are forgetting something if you don’t get your daily lift/cardio in.  That is what Hitch Fit does for you.  Teaches you that consistency is key to success.  My weight dropped, my mental health improved, and my habits and choices were getting healthier.  Whenever presented with a dietary or training challenge I would think WWMD (What would Micah Do?).

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

I started the program at about 183 lbs and ended at 142.4 lbs in a little over 13 weeks.  My body fat started at about 30% and ended around 10.2%.  I am totally dialed in.  He’s got me hooked and this is just the first step in my fitness goals to lead a healthier lifestyle and be the best version of myself, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I can’t thank you enough, Micah!

Get Healthy And Fit

If you are ready to Get Fit Before You Turn 40, or even after 40 then we are here to guide you.  Regardless of where you live we can help you achieve your goals!! Custom Workouts, Custom Nutrition, Support Throughout and a Load of Other Materials To help You Stay Fit Forever!!

Program Choice: Lose Weight

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